How to write a helpful review of a service

So, your trader’s been and gone and you’re really pleased with how things went. What now? 

Well, if you leave a rating and review on Rezigo, not only will it help your service provider to grow their business via positive recommendations, but it supports other customers in making their own informed decisions. In other words, your opinion is really valuable, and we want you to share it with the rest of the Rezigo community! 

In this post, we round up our top tips on how to write a helpful customer review once a job's been carried out...

Your customer review checklist 

• DO be specific and detailed 
• DON’T write an essay…
• …but DO write enough!
• DO think about what you’d want to know if you were reading a review
• DO keep things polite
• DON’T forget to read over your review at the end  

Let’s dive into the above in some more detail…

Be as specific & detailed as possible 

There’s no point leaving a review that doesn’t paint a detailed picture. Simply saying a trader was good, bad, or ok isn’t enough. What people are interested in is the WHY and the HOW. For instance, it might be that you had a great experience with your supplier for a variety of reasons, such as his or her friendly manner, the speediness in which the job was carried out, and their prompt message responses. Include as much information as possible and it’ll make your review all the more useful for other people. 

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes 

Sometimes it’s hard putting pen to paper. Or in this case, fingers to keyboard! If you’re not sure where to start with your customer review, think about what you’d want to know if you hadn’t yet found a trader. You’d be looking for someone reliable, right? Someone who turns up on time, responds to questions and is pleasant and friendly in the flesh. Once you’ve figured out the types of questions you would have up front, you can answer them with your recent experience in mind.  

Don’t be too brief, but don’t write an essay! 

As we’ve mentioned, detailed is good, but don’t be tempted to write an 18-page account of your experiences – people will click away and won’t read it. There’s no hard and fast rule for how long your review should be, but you don’t want to ramble and lose the attention of the reader, so try and achieve a good balance. 

Always be courteous

Even if you’ve got a complaint to make or something negative to say, it’s important to be polite. Reviews are closely monitored, so anything containing expletives or similar will be identified and removed. The same goes for false reviews, which are taken very seriously for obvious reasons. It’s unnecessary to name-call or make personal comments, so stick to the facts (good or bad). 

Remember to proofread!  

The last thing you want is for your hard work to go to waste because you haven’t checked for typos, so look out for spelling and grammatical errors that might confuse the reader. Ultimately, you want to make sure your review makes sense and is easy to read. 

We always encourage you to leave a review and rating for your Rezigo supplier once a job’s ceen carried out. You can do so via your dashboard, and we’ll email you to remind you. Ready to tick off your next to-do? Click here to get supplier quotes for your next job.