Supplier of the month: Just Clear It Ltd

In the first in a regular series of Q&As with members of our trade community, we welcome Adam from Just Clear It Ltd to the Rezigo hotseat…

Let’s kick off with a quick stat round. Can you tell us your name, occupation, and how long you’ve been with the business?

My name’s Adam, and I’m one of three partners at Just Clear It Ltd – a waste disposal company based in the Midlands. I’ve been in the recycling game for more than 18 years. My previous company, It’s Your Earth, was solely focused on recycling, and we switched to waste disposal via Just Clear It three years ago.

Put simply, we get rid of your junk! We offer a service that’s cheaper than a skip, we don’t charge for labour and, most importantly, we’re an environmentally friendly company (99% green). Absolutely nothing goes to landfill, everything at Just Clear It gets recycled.

What motivates you to do what you do?

I’m an outdoor man. I love nature, I love the environment. If you could put me on an island with no people, just animals and the forest, I’d be happy! At Just Clear It, we’re inspired by the planet, and it’s our passion to keep it clean and green through waste disposal. We even do monthly fly-tipping clean-ups completely free of charge for that reason.

Talk us through your first Rezigo job.

We were tasked with disposing of two washing machines for property agent, Alex. Part of our job is to do basic disconnections, but one of the machines was connected to a copper pipe, meaning there was a risk of flooding if we disconnected it. As a solution, we turned the water off at the front of the house, only to find the supply was also for the house next door! The decision was made to take the first machine and return at a later date once a plumber had been in to sort the second. However, on the second pick-up, an issue with the attending plumber meant we had to come back another day. On the third visit (third time lucky!), we secured the second machine.

We kept in contact with Alex throughout the process. It’s how we work – we keep everyone in the know, and we’ll always do what we need to do to get the job done. We’re big on process and procedure, which helps – for instance, we take before and after pictures on every job. Ultimately, we want to keep our customers as happy as possible!

Why did you sign up to Rezigo? And how do you see our online marketplace helping to grow Just Clear It?

We’re open to all kinds of business, so Rezigo made total sense. With an eight-man-strong team we’re capable of taking on as much work as possible, too – Rezigo will help facilitate that.

Here’s what a Rezigo customer had to say…

“As a property agent dealing with a completion, I needed to find a reliable waste clearance company quickly to dispose of two washing machines. Despite complications outside of his control (he had to attend the property three times in total!), Adam at Just Clear It went above and beyond to get the job done. He was accommodating and professional throughout our dealings, and even when the new COVID variant threatened to delay things even more, he constantly reassured me that the job was booked, confirmed and that they had plenty of back-up team members if needed. He promised he wouldn’t let me down, and he was true to his word. Great service from Adam and Just Clear It – I’d recommend their services to anyone.”

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