Flaws that can stop a home selling

We all know some things can significantly affect the sale of a property. Problems such as subsidence and damp can be crucial factors. But did you know, there are numerous, less serious flaws that could put potential buyers off? Some you may have never even considered a big deal. Here’s a round-up of things that can stop a home from selling…

Too much clutter

When viewing a potential home, people understandably want to picture how the place would look under their ownership, and that’s a tricky task when a house is full of clutter.

Before any viewings take place, make sure all rooms are spick and span and as clear of clutter as possible. Items such as toys or fitness equipment lying around a living space can be a major distraction, and in some cases, make the rooms appear smaller.

Unpleasant smells

Every home is full of sights and scents, so consider this when welcoming in prospective buyers. According to a recent poll, 78% of people would be put off by a bad smell, so it’s always best to try and keep your rooms smelling as neutral as possible.

This means avoiding the smell of cigarettes, pets, rubbish – even strong food. Imagine how a vegan or someone of Hindu faith, for instance, would feel entering a kitchen that smells of steak? To solve this, open the windows a few hours before any visit.

On the other hand, there are smells which can help boost the appeal of a home, such as a kitchen which smells of freshly brewed coffee or baked bread. Choose your scent accordingly! 

An untidy front or back garden

We’re not saying they need to be freshly landscaped. After all, it’s likely a prospective buyer will have their own vision on how to utilise the outside space. That said, it is important you make the most of what you have, and that means avoiding your outside space looking like a jungle, and keeping it nice and tidy.

Now more than ever, the demand for outdoor space is huge, so ensure gardens are without clutter, neatly trimmed, and showcase the space in the most efficient way. We’re all guilty of leaving old clutter out in the garden or behind sheds, but when it comes to selling, it’s necessary to shift it!

Bold decor 

You see loads of horror stories where people with unique styles struggle to sell their home because the décor just isn’t to anyone else’s taste. Of course, you need to style your home however you like, but when it comes to selling, think about whether any areas or rooms need to be toned down slightly. Then, you won’t overwhelm viewers, and it’ll help them see your home as a blank canvas (allowing them to use their own imagination).

You being there!

Interestingly, one big put-off for prospective buyers is the current owner actually being present at viewing stage. Of course, if you’re selling independently that’s not possible. But if you’re selling via a third party, then making yourself scarce during a visit may provide more hope of selling.

Buyers can feel uncomfortable with owners in the property, as they’re less likely to take a more detailed look around. They could also be put off by an accidental passing comment, whether that be about the neighbours, being under a flight path, or traffic noise.

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