The effect of landscaping on property value

It’s little wonder a landscaped garden gives off a good first impression. After all, they’re neat and tidy at the very least, and spectacularly beautiful at best. No surprise then, that landscaping your garden could increase your property’s value by a staggering 77%, according to a study by Post Office Money.

The study found that landscaping your garden could have a more significant impact on a property’s value than a kitchen renovation, a conservatory addition and even an extension in some cases – and at much cheaper cost, too! The increased demand for outdoor space is only fuelling this further. In fact, around a third of people who have had their gardens renovated in recent times have done so purely to increase the value of a home.

Why landscape your garden to increase the value of your home?

Landscaping a garden is comfortably among the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of a property. On average, garden landscaping will set you back just under £3,000. This is significantly lower than the likes of a new kitchen, which could set you back around £8,000, while conservatories cost around £9,000 and extensions up to around 10 times that, depending on the size.

At the same time, the increase in home value is much higher, as shown below by the potential increases:

  • Garden landscaping: 77%
  • Extension: 37%
  • New kitchen: 26%
  • Swimming pool: 22%
  • Basement conversion: 17%
  • Conservatory: 10%
  • Driveway: 9%

As you can see by the data, a landscaped garden is far and away the renovation that offers the biggest hike in value on a home. But what should you add to boost the value of a garden?

What increases the value of a garden?

First and foremost, a tidy and well landscaped garden will offer the most value to a home. That’s where the most work goes in, so it’s also where the most value goes.

On average, a UK property owner with a garden will spend around £470 per year on their garden, but the potential return is four times higher than that – almost hitting the £2,000 mark. However, the more investment, the bigger the return. Some reports have also found that the addition of a shed or outbuilding would add the most value to a home, while high quality paving and secure fencing, walls and gates are also high on the priorities list, and will therefore see potential buyers willing to spend more.

Other smaller fixes, if you don’t have the budget for full on landscaping costs, are the simple tasks that make a home exterior look neat, tidy and a pleasure to be in. For example, ensuring your grass is cut is an effective way to perhaps not add value to a home, but certainly decrease the chance of putting off a potential buyer.

Weeding, planting, potting and the other simple tasks to keep your garden tidy, will also have a smaller impact on property value. Ensuring your garden is safe (for instance, having locks on the shed, no gaps in your fences) can also play a major role.

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