Here is the Best Door Colour for Selling Your Home

The best colour door to have to sell your home

First impressions are everything when it comes to purchasing a new home, and the moment a potential buyer is walking down the front drive or onto your property, they’re taking note.

Maximising the attractiveness of your property from the outside – also known as upping the ‘kerb appeal’ – is crucial. It can either make your home stand out, or make a buyer turn the other cheek.

But what door colours are best when trying to sell your home? Let's find out...


Depending on the colour bricks of your home, blue can be a really smart colour for a front door.

Darker, more royal blue type shades can look fantastic against a red brick home, while Cotswold yellow stone-bricked homes are suited to softer, paler blues.

Where the home is situated can also have a say in what colour door you should have, with homes by the sea also suited to a much paler shade of blue, in a nod to the nautical surroundings.


Green is another colour which offers a good first impression, with olive green and pastel shades perfectly suited to homes in the countryside. It’s a colour that blends beautifully into rural surroundings, and makes for a nice contrast in more urban areas.

Different hues come into fashion each year – sage green being in the spotlight more recently. The good news? The colour green feels timeless, which means, whatever shade you go for, you can stick with it for as long as you like.


Grey is becoming increasingly popular, and it suits almost any property – particularly those with a crisp, white door frame. We’d recommend Farrow and Ball’s Down Pipe or French Grey. Both are ideal for painting a front door.


If it’s good enough for No. 10, then it’s certainly good enough for homes up and down the country!

Black is a relatively cold colour, so it’s not ideal for some areas of the north that typically deal with bad weather regularly. But on period terraced properties it can look classic and timeless.

Black is another colour that's more suited to urban areas. In the countryside you’re best off looking at lighter colours, although a black door can work well with natural wood framing around it.



You’ve only got to look at areas like Notting Hill to see there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to front doors.

While the colours we’ve talked through about are smart and failsafe, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t go a little more eclectic. Pretty pink and mellow yellow look gorgeous offset against a bright-white façade, along with minty greens and lilacs.

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