How much does it cost to build an outbuilding?

With home offices being utilised now more than ever, and extra indoor space at a premium, there’s been a significant rise in people wanting to build outbuildings. Work from home space aside, there are lots of other reasons for erecting an outhouse. It could be used as a gym, a games room, a playroom, bar, or workshop. Plus, countless other things.

But whatever the purpose of an outbuilding, how much do they cost to build, and how easy is it to get an outbuilding built? We explain all…

The cost of building an outhouse

It goes without saying that the cost of an outbuilding is very much dependent on the size, shape, and style of the one you want, and typically you’ll find something to suit all budgets. You can build a summer house in the garden for as little as £4,250 on average, with a high of around £9,000 to £13,000 – dependent on the materials you’re using.

The cheapest option is a prefabricated timber summer house, which can cost as little as £500 if you wish to take it on as a DIY chore, while including assembly will start to chalk up the thousands.

A concrete garage could cost you as little as £4,200, and on average around £7,000, while garden offices are slightly more expensive to build.

Pushing the boat out, you’ll find brick-built garages to be the most expensive, averaging around the £9,000 mark, and then anything bespoke or custom designed and you’re starting to hit the tens of thousands of pounds mark.

Planning permission for outbuildings

It ultimately depends on the size of the building you’re planning, as to whether you require planning permission for it or not. This is a vitally important step if you’re looking to build something larger in your garden, as without permission you won’t be able to build, and if you do you could be required to demolish the structure.

However, most outbuildings do fall under the category of ‘Permitted Development’ which means you don’t need permission. This applies to all building work that falls under certain constrictions related to maximum sizes and heights.

What’s also important to note is that, without permission, you can’t use your outbuilding as a kitchen or bathroom, or accommodation. This would require permission as it would ultimately turn your home from a three-bedroom home to a four-bedroom, for example.

How long do outbuildings take to build?

Undertaken by a professional, outbuildings can take anywhere between a week and three weeks to construct, and basic designs are relatively straightforward. For a prefabricated structure, a professional could have it up and in working order in next to no time, while brick-built buildings will take that little bit longer for obvious reasons.

 For anyone looking to DIY, the process can take as long as you want it to take. It could be that you look to build the structure across an entire summer as a pet project, but it’s also worth bearing in mind that it’s a very labour-intensive task.

Laying the foundations and working with drainage can be tricky, so if you are looking to do it yourself, it may be at least worth getting some expert assistance and guidance along the way.

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