10 ways to decorate a rented property

Thanks to the rules and restrictions that often go hand in hand with renting – for instance, not being able to hang pictures or paint your walls – it can be tricky to put your individual stamp on things. But a strict contract shouldn’t stop you from injecting personality into your rented space. Here’s how to do it without losing points with your landlord…

Check your terms

First things, first. Check your contract to understand exactly what kinds of restrictions are in place in your rental property. You might find, for instance, that there are no rules whatsoever against changing up the wall colour, or swapping out blinds for curtains. Once you know what you’re working with, you can make changes without risking your deposit.

10 ways to decorate a rented property

1. Add vibrant ‘pops’ of colour

Most landlords opt for neutral colours when decorating a property to let, simply because it’s more palatable to potential tenants than bold hues that aren’t to everyone’s taste. To keep things from feeling bland, inject colour into your rooms in the form of candles, vases and ornaments, and soft furnishings, such as cushions, throws and bedding.

2. Go green

Not only do plants add colour to a room, but they’re actually proven to be good for our health. Peppermint, for instance, is said to aid alertness and concentration, while aloe vera helps us get a good night’s sleep. Don’t want the upkeep of watering? There are some brilliant faux plants around these days. Take a look at Ikea and Patch Plants for inspiration.

3. Switch up your tiles

Removable tile stickers are gaining popularity, and for good reason. You can use them to style everything from your bathroom floor to your kitchen splashback. Best of all, they’re brilliant value for money. Take a look at Etsy for a massive choice of designs.

4. Embrace removable wallpaper

Peel-off wallpaper has been having a bit of a moment lately, and it’s little wonder. Whether you’re going for a statement wall or giving an entire room the wallpaper treatment, it’s a failsafe way to completely transform a space. Check out Wayfair for an extensive range of affordable styles.

5. Be savvy with wall space

Your rental property may well have a few hooks for wall hangings already, but if it doesn’t and you’re not allowed to nail in your own, you can get removable adhesive varieties. Have a play with what you can showcase on your walls, too. Supersized Oriental fans are big news in the interiors world right now, and if you’ve not got much space for storage, consider hanging hats and handbags.

6. Swap handles

The fastest way to give a tired-looking kitchen or bathroom a makeover is with new cabinet handles. Ornate floral designs or ultra-modern brass accents – the choice is yours. Just remember to keep the originals somewhere safe so you can swap them all back over when you move!

7. Hide the bits you don’t like

Whether it’s an unsightly mark on the wall or a fuse box on show, there are clever ways you can cover up the things you’re not a fan of. Group tall plants together or hang a curtain in front of the offending article – just look for a spring-loaded curtain rod so you don’t disturb the walls.

8. Look to statement rugs

Rugs come in all shades, shapes and sizes, and they’re a brilliant way to showcase your personality in a rented property. An intricate Moroccan Berber rug will give a room an exotic edge. Bohemian Jute rugs, meanwhile, are great for adding texture and interest to a space. Rugs are also handy for keeping floors protected and bringing some warmth into the home.

9. Consider lighting

Lots of landlords will opt for fuss-free ceiling spotlights or pared back wall-hung lights in rental properties. Create interest and warmth in yours with lamps if this is the case. Tall, curved floor lamps look great next to a sofa, and table lamps will brighten up dark corners and give off a cosy, ambient glow.

10. Don’t forget your floorspace!

Interesting ornaments, candlestick trios, storage baskets – it’s easy to add some style to a space just by dressing the floors. Don’t go overboard, but do look at where you could add a little pizzaz with accessories.  

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