The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing is really common, and there are numerous reasons why you might be considering it.

The kids might be long gone, you may be thinking about (or enjoying!) retirement, you may want to free up some cash to give to loved ones, or you simply might have more space than you know what to do with!

Whatever the reason for downsizing, it’s important to know all the facts before taking the plunge. After all, it’s a big life change. In this guide to downsizing your home, we explain all.

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The advantages of downsizing

Let’s start with the pros of moving to a smaller home. There are many of them and it could be one of the key reasons why it makes sense for you…

  • The extra money from the sale of your home can offer additional support and savings for a rainy day.
  • The cost of running a smaller home will be lower than a bigger one – for instance, when it comes to heating and electricity bills.
  • Smaller homes require less maintenance and cleaning.
  • You can choose a property that will suit your needs. For example, bungalows may be suited more to those who have limited mobility.

The disadvantages of downsizing

Of course, there can be downsides to downsizing – particularly if you’ve lived in your current home for a very long time. Here are some of the cons of downsizing…

  • The memories of your previous home may prove hard to part with.
  • There are many upfront costs with moving, such as conveyancing fees, stamp duty, removals and surveyors.
  • The property search in general can be stressful. After all, downsizing requires finding the right property in the right area.
  • If moving for health reasons, it can add extra stress, which could aggravate conditions further.

What type of property should you downsize to?

If you’re looking to downsize your home, there are plenty of options to suit different needs and requirements. These include...

  • Smaller house
  • Bungalow
  • Canal boat
  • Mobile home
  • Retirement complex
  • Flat
  • Accessible home

Our top tips for downsizing your home

If you’re ready to downsize and you’ve found the right place for you, you’ll also need to consider the moving process and potentially parting with some of the items you have in your larger home. Otherwise, you’ll likely have too much stuff for too little space…

  • Organise and declutter: Consider the space you’ll have in your new home and create a list of the items that will need to go in it. You can then think about what you have left over in your previous home and make more logical decisions on what to do with it.
  • Be practical: Sentimentality can often be a real headache when it comes to downsizing. Think practically and logically about the items in your home, and whether you really need them.
  • Cash-in on unwanted Items: If you’re prepared and organised enough, rather than simply throwing away old items you could cash in on them, putting them on the likes of eBay. This extra cash can then help with the moving costs. Alternatively, consider charity shops.


A summary

Chances are, if you’ve decided to downsize your home then you’ve got a very good reason for doing so. While it may feel overwhelming and sad at times, focus on the reason for downsizing. Give yourself plenty of time for the likes of decluttering and packing up, and have family members help. Before you know it, you’ll be comfortable and settled in your brand-new home.


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