How Much Value Does Landscape Lighting Add to a Property?

Landscape lighting refers to the use of outdoor illumination for public landscapes and gardens to create more of an ambience. As well as being an eye-catching feature for any home, it adds a sizable amount of value, too!

Before we go into just how much value it can add, let’s look at the different ways to light up a landscape:

  1. Deck Lighting: This is when the area underneath the decking is lit up. This can be done by placing lights into the panelling or near the steps leading up to the decked area.  
  2. Tree Lighting: Lights can be intertwined with the leaves or spiralled up the trunk to add a strong visual centre point.
  3. Pathway Lighting: Whether it’s a front porch path or a pathway leading the way to the back garden, guiding spot lights are not only practical in the evenings but are a simple way to bring an outdoor space to life. 
  4. Feature Lighting: These are lights that focus on specific areas of the outdoor space such as an outbuilding or around the furniture. This is a great way of highlighting your favourite parts of the space. 

Whether you’re utilising LED flood lights, spotlights or motion sensor lights, landscape lighting does a great job of enhancing structural details thus increasing the property’s value quite significantly. 

How Does Landscape Lighting Increase Property Value?

Buyers prefer to purchase a property that requires the least amount of work possible, which means home improvements should be high on the list if you’re looking to sell. 

Here’s how the simple trick of outdoor lighting can wow any potential buyer: 

Added Security 

Landscape lighting adds a sense of security to any property with the lit up surroundings being more likely to deter burglars. Be sure to illuminate any dark spots and hidden corners as well as motion detectors so you have full awareness of activity around the property. 

Enhances Aesthetics

There’s no doubt that an illuminated pathway catches the eye. Landscape lighting is an effective way of making a great first impression before buyers have stepped foot into the property! If you’re looking to add some architectural character to your surroundings then landscape lighting is the way to go. 

Extended Usability

A great functional benefit to outdoor lighting is that it lets you make use of any outdoor space in the dark. Garden parties carrying on into the evenings? No problem! Flood lights increase visibility and help you enjoy any moment for longer.

How to Improve Existing Lighting

If you already have lights dotted around the property’s exterior, it may save you a fair amount of money to simply improve them instead of replacing them.

You can do this by cleaning the light fixtures and lenses. Often, there’s a lot of dirt and debris within the lights which affects how bright they shine. Be sure to give them a wipe once in a while!

Check that all the lights are functioning properly. Although this may seem obvious, it’s an easy detail to miss! Having a few dim lights across the landscape can decrease curb appeal so be sure to keep on top of this. 

Cut back any overgrown plants and trees. Any obstructions of lighting decreases their visibility and makes the overall property seem a lot darker. Plus, keeping exterior plants in shape also adds to the property appeal and value, too! 


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