6 gardening jobs that'll add value to your home

6 gardening jobs that’ll add value to a home

Lots of us enjoy gardening as a hobby, but did you know that a well-presented garden can actually add value to a property? After all, it’s the very first thing a potential buyer or tenant will see when they pull up to view a new home. Here’s how to give your green space a makeover...

1. Sculpt your lawn edges

A bedraggled lawn that hasn’t been cut or tended in months can get a viewing off to a bad start and could de-rail a potential offer. On the other hand, having a freshly mown lawn that’s neatly trimmed around the edges can have a significant impact on a home’s roadside appeal, and could help to contribute to a small rise in your home’s value.

2. Add a bit of colour

Similarly, adding plants and flowers – particularly during spring when there are plenty of colours in bloom – can bolster first impressions and encourage potential buyers to offer closer to the asking price. Not only are the colours aesthetically pleasing, but they show you’ve made extra effort, and this can create the perception that this extra effort’s been extended inside.  

3. Repair paths & fences

Just as you would in your bathroom, kitchen or any other area inside of your home, you should repair anything that’s broken outside, as it will save a new buyer having to do so. The vast majority of people are looking for a home with as few jobs to do as possible, so repairing pathways and fences can help contribute to the appeal and value of your property.

4. Create privacy through planting

Quiet, tranquil spots in a garden are always appealing – especially for homes and gardens that back on to public spaces. Plants are a great and natural way to offer privacy from neighbours and passers-by. Trellis work, bamboo plants and hedges are among the most popular methods to achieve this.

5. Weeding!

Perhaps the most important thing to do to a garden when selling up is the weeding. It won’t add much to the value of your property, but in a world where first impressions are everything, nobody wants to be welcomed by an overgrown garden covered in weeds! It sets a poor tone for the rest of the viewing.

6. Add raised flower beds

Raised flower beds or vegetable patches can be incredibly appealing to new buyers, given the era of sustainability that we now live in. These thaw out better in the winter and will protect anything you have growing. Not only that, but having a well-stocked, raised bed when you have people viewing will also allow them to see your garden’s potential.

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