How Much Does it Cost to Install an EV Charger?

With an EV vehicle secured, you’re already on your way to achieving a greener, sustainable lifestyle. But now, you may be considering saving cost and time by installing an at-home EV charger.

A home charging point not only ensures that your battery is always full, it also means you’re significantly reducing your carbon footprint, achieving a clearer conscious overall.

But how much does it actually cost to install one?

In this guide, we’ll look at the costs you can expect from an installation job, what factors affect the amount, and smart ways to bring that price tag down.

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Electric Vehicle Charging Point?

At-home electric vehicle charging points cost anywhere between £850 to £1500 to buy and install.

You can cut this cost down by opting for a slower, less powerful charger itself - though these aren’t always a compatible with newer car models and may fail to charge your car fully overnight.

The installation cost on its own (without buying the charger) ranges between £200 to £450, depending on various factors that we’ll touch on below.

A Quick Breakdown of the Cost

A typical EV home charger will offer 7KW of power.

Most professionals will visit your property first (for free) to check that the area is suitable for an EV charger installation.

When the installation job takes place, they’ll bring the cabling hardware which costs around the £100 mark. Other materials may include an earthing rod and extra cables if the fuse box is further away.

The rest of the installation cost is based on the labour.

Trained electricians, who typically wok for larger companies, will make sure that your at-home charger is fitted securely to prevent any future problems or damages.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Installation

There are a few things that can affect the price of the installation job, so it’s worth noting what they are before booking the service in…

Location of the Charging Point

While most charging points are external, if the desired location or wall is far away from the main fuse box this may require more cable supply, resulting in an additional cost.

Charging Output

The standard charging output for EV chargers is 7kW, though nowadays they can go up to 22kW for higher-powered, newer car models. The higher the power output is, the larger the cost may be when buying and installing an EV charging point for your property. If a slower charge is low priority to you, this can be an effective way of keeping costs down.

Wiring a Circuit Breaker

It’s essential for your property to be equipped for this additional use of electricity when installing a charging point. Often you can get an EV charging point installed by a handyman, but if you find that the house needs a consumer replacement unit, you’ll need a qualified electrician to fit one which can affect the total cost of the job.

Installing Security Lighting

This is an additional job which isn’t directly involved in the installation of an EV charger but is a good move for extra security purposes. You may want to consider installing a sensory light near the EV charging point to keep your new piece of technology away from any potential theft.

New Driveway

If you don’t currently have off-road parking, you’ll need to build a new driveway so you can park your car securely next to the charging point.

How to Save Money on Your EV Charger Home Installation

If you’re searching for ways to cut back on the cost of installation, here’s a few solutions you may not know about:

Always Get More Than One Quote

When you’re looking for a professional to fit your home EV charger, we’d recommend getting at least three quotes from different traders. Not only does this help you get a more competitive price on the job, but it also helps you understand the budget for the project and avoid any nasty surprises.

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Make Use of Government Grants

Electric vehicle owners have the option to apply for a government grant known as the EV ChargePoint Grant via OZEV (Office of Zero Emission Vehicles).

This UK grant offers funding up to 75% for the installation cost at any domestic property, and it came into effect as of April 2022 in replacement of the previous EVH Scheme.

If you’d like more information on the grants including the list of vehicles that are eligible for it, you can view it here.

Workplace Charging Scheme

For any EV owners looking to install a charging point at their workplace, this voucher-based scheme offers you help towards the up-front costs of both purchase and installation.

Just check if you’re workplace or organisation is eligible before getting started!

At-Home EV Charger Installation Cost - Summary

And that’s a wrap! We’ve gone over the main factors affecting the cost of an EV charger installation as well as the estimate amount you can expect to pay altogether.

Remember to take advantage of any ongoing government grants that can support you in these purchases and have a look at any off-peak discounts that could be on offer.

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