Which is the Best Home EV Charger? | Our Expert Guide

With the growing number of EV chargers on the market, it’s never been more important to invest in the right one for you. 

But whether you’ve been sporting an electric vehicle for quite some time or you’re just starting out on your eco-friendly journey, it can be tricky to know which home charger to purchase - especially when they all seem to have pretty similar functionalities. 

That’s why we’ve scratched beneath the surface and thoroughly reviewed each EV charger to bring you our definitive list of the best ones. 

Take a look below to see our full list:

Best Home EV Charger: At a Gance

Myenergi Zappi - Best EV Charger Overall
Ohme Home Pro - Best for its App Software
Andersen A2 - Best for Style and Appearance
Pod Point - Most Well Known
Wallbox Pulsar Plus - Best Value for Money

Key Factors for Choosing an EV Charger 

Before we dive into our side by side comparison of the different chargers out there, it's good to know what features you should actually look for before buying: 

Power Delivery - Different chargers delivery different amperage. Choosing a high power EV charger means you'll recieve a maximum charging speed, plus it's more compatiable with other electric vehicles (including any future ones!) 

Installation Type - It's good to note that some chargers are 'removable' and use a standard plug. This is handy for homeowners who wish to relocate in the near future and take their charger with them. Always ensure that installation is carried out by a qualified tradesmen to avoid any complications. 

Cord Length - Location and cord length work hand in hand as, depending on where you place your charger, you'll need a cable that can comfortably stretch to where your car is parked. Between 16 and 18 ft cords are most popular among EV owners. 

Cost - EV chargers vary anywhere between £550 to £1200, depending on all the factors we mentioned above. 

1. Myenergi Zappi: Best EV Charger Overall 

Price: From £779

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Myenergi Zappi tops our list with its impressive internal features, multiple charging modes, and sleek design feature. Zappi ticked a lot of boxes during our research process, and it's no surprise that it's a best-seller across the UK market. 

What we love about it: Zappi is powered by sunshine! As well as operating as a standard EV home charger, you can change the charging mode to 'Eco Mode' so that it uses 100% green energy from your solar panels to power up your car. Not only does that give you a good return on your investment with the solar panels, but you'll also be doing your bit to take pressure off the Grid. 

Myenergi Zappi - Pros:

  • Both tethered and untethered designs are available
  • Newer versions have a built-in earth rod and fuse protection 
  • Easily integrates with existing solar panels
  • Myenergi app software helps you monitor your charging sessions
  • Easy to install 
  • LED screen to display important data

Myenergi Zappi - Cons:

  • Pricier than other EV chargers on the market
  • The design could be more discrete
  • The app requires a Myenergi hub which is an additional cost

Who is Myenergi Zappi Best For? 

Overall, Zappi is best for anyone who already has solar panels set up on their property because of it's USP (unique selling point) is its eco charging mode. However, the charger does work just as well as a standard plug-in so you can still make the most out of the price you pay.

If visual aesthetics are a high priority for you, Zappi comes in a range of different colours to choose from to complement your home exterior.

2. Ohme Home Pro - Best for it's App Software

Price: From £949

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Equipped with a range of intelligent features, the compact and quick-to-install home charger takes second place in our definitive list. What sets Ohme Pro apart from the rest is the awe-inspiring app software which not only pools information on local elecricity tariffs, but also saves you money by helping you charge off-peak. 

Looking at the charging speed, the maximum you can expcect from Ohme is 7.4kW, charging your car by 30 miles of range per hour. 

What we love about it: The Ohme mobile app is an all-round winner. From the user experience, to its intuitive set-up, the app definitely makes each charging session a more seamless experience. You'll receive optimised data such as price caps, schedules, and CO2 tracking per mile all at the touch of a button - not bad! 

Weak Wi-Fi signal? - Ohme Home Pro uses 3G or 4G to charge your vehicle so you never have to worry about a unstable Wi-Fi connection! 

Ohme Home Pro - Pros:

  • Seamless control panel and 3" LCD smart screen
  • Aesthetically pleasing yet discreet design 
  • Compatible with both Type 1 and Type 2 vehicles
  • Ability to set your price cap 
  • Manage your charging schdule via the app
  • Use 4G instead of Wi-Fi

Ohme Home Pro - Cons: 

  • Unlike the Zappi charger, Ohme doesn't have solar support and only offers API support
  • Slightly higher price point than competitors
  • Lower charging speed of 7kW

Who is Ohme Home Pro Best For? 

For anyone who appreciates a technologically-advanced app that gives you full contrll over your charging sessions, Ohme Home Pro is a great way to go. It's good to note that if your property has solar panels or wind generation, this charger doesn't utilise them, whereas other chargers on the market do. 

3. Andersen A2 - Best for Style and Appearance 

Price: From £1,199 (with 8.5m 7kW cable)

Electric home charging: a comprehensive guide to making a domestic  installation | Parkers

The Andersen A2 EV charger made its way into our top five due to its undeniably stunning image. The stylish charging port comes in a range of different colours depending on your design preferences (96 colour cobnations to be exact!), and even offers an oak-like finish to blend in with the property. 

While it certainly catches the eye, the Andersen A2 charger proves quite pretty on the inside, too! It offers up to 22kW of fast charging and a remote locking feature to keep your charging point secure. From an installation point of view, no earth rod is required which allows for a cheaper, tidier EV charger installation overall. 

What we love about it: The Andersen A2 is designed to be discreet. The top of the charging point opens up to competely hide the cables and tuck the plug away. The overall sleek and tidy finish was a huge plus point for us. 

Andersen A2 - Pros:

  • Sustainable materials used for design 
  • Specifically designed to stay protected from rain and snow
  • LED lights on the front panel to indicate charging status 
  • Solar integrated 
  • Ability to regulate the charging output depending on your needs

Andersen A2 - Cons: 

  • Only available in a Type 2 connector
  • A lot pricier than other EV home chargers

Who is Andersen A2 Best For? 

This EV home charger is best for anyone who's willing to overlook the price point for a beautiful, sleek design. If an aesthetically-pleasing charging point outside your property is a must-have for you then we'd recommend customising and investing in this one right here. 

4. Pod Point Smart Charger - Most Well-Known 

Price: From £615

Electric Car Home Charging | Pod Point Installation from £899| EDF

Pod-point was one of the very first EV charging providers in the UK and is more famously known for its public charging points dotted around the country. The Smart Charger is the one of the latest editions to come from the long-established brand - offering a tidy and compact home charging unit. 

While it does come with a handy app and auto power balancing to regulate your charging speed, it doesn't stand out that much compared to its compeititors. The charging point is limited in terms of it's features, and it missed out on some big opportunities, like solar integration and kwH price caps for varying elecrticity tariffs. 

What we did like about it: We can't fault it's stylish design. The Pod Point Smart Charger keeps everything looking nice and tidy otuside the property, and there's no earth rod required when installing it. 

Pod Point Smart Charger - Pros: 

  • Large, oval body to easily wrap cables around
  • Simple yet intuitive app to monitor and schedule charging sessions
  • Good value for money
  • Available in both tethered and untethered forms
  • No earthing rod required - easy installation 
  • Connect to Wi-Fi

Pod Point Smart Charger - Cons: 

  • No solar integration 
  • Appearance could be less bulky to be more visually-appealing
  • LED light for chargng status could be more visible

Who is Pod Point Smart Charger Best For? 

If you're looking for a reliable company to purchase from, Pod Point is a safe bet. Although it's not as technologicaly advanced as other chargers out there, it certainly has all the neccessary features to get you started with your home charging journey. 

5. Wallbox Pulsar Plus - Best Value for Money

Price: From £466

Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48 Amp Hardwired EVSE - CleanTechnica Review -  CleanTechnica

This small but mighty box crept into our definitive list of worthy EV chargers with its impressive user experience. From the surface, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus is super small and compact but it can take you up to 22kW charging speed and can use both bluetooth and Wi-fi to get going.

The LED ring circulating the entire box proves really efficient in dim-light settings so you can make the most of your charger at any point of the day. 

Wallbox Pulsar Plus - pros: 

  • Small, stylish and compact
  • Voice assistant uses Google assistant to start / stop charging sessions
  • Power boost feature helps you monitor your energy use
  • Control your own charging schedule with the app
  • Fair price point considering the premium features it offers

Wallbox Pulsar Plus - cons:

  • Only available in tethered form 
  • Connectivity issues may occur with Wi-Fi only chargers
  • The app isn't as developed as other brands
  • Doesn't offer price caps 
  • The cable wrap could be tidier

Who is Wallbox Pulsar Plus Best For? 

This charger is great for anyone looking for a super discreet, tucked away charging point for their property. Considering the array of snazzy features it offers, like Google voice assistant, it's no surprise that the Wallbox Pulsar Plus is recognised for its awesome value for money. Wanting to start your home EV charging journey without breaking the bank? - This is a great starting point!


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