Can I Take my EV Charger When Moving House?

So you’ve finished packing up the house and are finally set for your big move, but there’s just one thing you’re still not sure about – what do you do with your EV charger? 

While you may be considering buying a new one, or even resorting to public chargers for the meantime – we’ll be clearing things up so you know exactly what to do with your charger! 

Can I take my EV charger when moving homes?

Yes! EV chargers can be uninstalled and reinstalled at your new property. Although this may seem pretty straightforward, there are some things you’ll want to consider before deciding to relocate your charger. So without further ado, let's jump into them! 


If you are the homeowner of this new property, then you will not need permission to bring your charger with you – however it’s important to look at the type of property you’re moving to. 

For example, if the house has off-street parking or its own driveway, this will make the transition much smoother. Street parking may require the permission of the local council in order to install your EV car charger. If the new property is a listed building, you’ll also need planning permission to install your EV charger – though it’s good to note that this can cost more than the charger itself!

Depending on whether you need permission for installation, it's worth looking at additional infrastucture you might need in order to keep the outside space looking tidy and well-kept. 

Distribution Network Operator

Most people don't know that, when moving house, you'll need to check with your new distribution network operator (DNO)  whether it's safe to install an  Ev charger in the area.  Electrical supplies differ between houses so to ensure a safe reinstallation, DNO would be the first port of call. 

Not sure where to find your DNO? Click here to have a look.

Using a Professional Installer

The most important part of making the decision of taking your EV charger with you is whether you have a qualified tradesmen to uninstall and reinstall the appliance.

 We wouldn’t recommend tackling the job yourself as it could cost you more money if any parts are mishandled! It’s always best to book a qualified EV installer to take care of the job for you and avoid any potential damages. 


Earlier this year, the government replaced their EV Homecharge scheme with a new grant that provides funding for up to 75% of your charger installation cost. This is something to consider when deciding whether to relocate your old charger, or purchase a new one with the help of a grant. 

For homeowners, you can receive both an infrastucture and chargepoint grant which offers money off the socket installation. For flat-owner occupiers or anyone living in a residential property, the grant can apply if the parking is off-street and private. 

The grant can also be given to tenants who are moving home with an old chargepoint that they're looking to replace. 

Effect on Property Value 

Studies suggest that the value of a property increases just over 10% if it has an EV chargepoint. This is something to consider when thinking about taking your charger with you as leaving it behind could be more beneficial in the long run! 

Although buying a brand new charger for the new property is a costly investment, it can bump up the property value if you decide to relocate again in the near future. Plus, most new build properties now have EV charging points connected so it may not even resort to a new purchase. 

Tethered Units 

Location, location, location! If you posess a tethered EV charger, you'll need to ensure that the car is close enough to the chargepoint in order to connect the cables. Tethered units have cables that are permanently attached so it's important to see if there is an appropriate area for the charging port to be fitted. 

Read here to find out more about the difference between tethered and untethered charging units.

Looking to relocate your home EV charger? 

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