What is the fastest EV charger?

Once upon a time, homeowners only had to think about unpacking when they moved to a new house. Then broadband connection came into the equation, with movers hoping for a short wait time to get connected with fast speeds. Now, many homeowners also need to consider EV chargers for their electric cars. Can you take your current one with you? How easy are they to install, and what is the speediest EV charger for convenient vehicle charging? That's the purpose of this guide, which looks at the fastest EV chargers available right now.

Choosing the fastest EV charger

There are more than half a million electric and hybrid car owners in the UK, so it won't come as a surprise to learn that the number of EV charges on the market has increased significantly. Indeed, there has never been so much choice, which is great for drivers. But it also makes your life more difficult when choosing the best option available.

Several factors come into play, including model design, space, range and how fast it can charge your car. The last one is particularly important for EV owners wanting to avoid range anxiety and ensure their vehicle is fully charged and ready to go. So, which chargers are the fastest around? 

Honourable mention: The ABB Terra 360

A joint collaboration between energy giants Shell and tech firm ABB, the ABB Terra 360 is the fattest car charger on the market (according to its makers). The numbers do look promising, though. The ABB Terra 360 can charge at rates of up to 360kW, which is enough to charge an EV to 100% in fewer than 15 minutes. With typical car charging times averaging around eight hours, the ABB Terra 360 promises some mighty impressive speeds. The bad news? It's not yet available in the UK, and it's unclear if and when it'll reach these shores. 

The 7kW rule

Defining the fastest charger available in the UK is tricky. That's because all the best ones charge at 7kW AC and can achieve around 25 miles of charge per hour. Using one of these chargers takes approximately eight hours to get your EV's battery to 100%, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, be it price, looks or additional features. Below, we've listed five of the fastest chargers available, along with their other features. 

Fastest EV chargers in the UK

1) Hypervolt, from £630

Hypervolt is arguably one of the best-priced fast chargers on the market. It's sleek and stylish and is easy to set up – perfect if you've just moved home and have plenty of other house-related items to tick off the checklist. With the smartphone app, users have the convenience of monitoring their car's charging status from anywhere.


2) Ohme Home Pro, from £949

The Ohme cable can also charge up to 7kW, which, again, is about 25 miles per hour and the same as Hypervolt. It also integrates smart charging and automatically adjusts when electricity is fed into the car to take advantage of smart energy tariffs varying their rates based on network demand.


3) Zappi, from £680

If you're all about that solar panel life, then Zappi might be the choice for you. It takes its power from the grid, like all other chargers. But Zappi also has additional charging modes that use 100% green energy generated from home Solar PV systems or wind generation. There's also a tip-top customer service team, just in case you need to get in touch. We mentioned Zappi was the best overall charger in a recent expert's guide.


4) BP Pulse, from £1,049

The bp pulse is one of the most expensive options on the market, but it's also one of the fastest and easiest to use. Simply plug it in and charge. You can control everything from your phone, and there are more than 9,000 charging points around the UK if you sign up for a bp pulse membership, meaning you can charge your car on the go. It was also the first home wall box to receive the BSI Electric Vehicle Charging Kitemark award for safety and quality.


5) Pod Point, from £799

Well known for its public charging points, Pod Point now has a home charger with some of the fastest charging speeds available. It might not be the most stylish-looking EV charger, but it's one of the most reliable on the market. It's compatible with all plug-in brands, including heavyweights like Tesla, BMW and Mercedes. 

EDF acquires Pod Point, one of the UK's largest electric vehicle charging  companies | Legal & General


Are there any faster ways to charge your car?

Generally speaking, charging your EV at home is the slowest way to get the battery to 100%. That's because home charging requires a three-pin plug. Still, a complete car charge in under eight hours is absolutely fine for most people – especially if the charge happens overnight in your garage. 

But what if you're looking for something a little faster? There are rapid charging options, just not at home. Rapid AC chargers use more power, at around 43kW, and are often found in shopping centres, supermarket car parks, and other outdoor areas. They can charge your car in a few hours, although it's worth pointing out that not all electric vehicles can receive charges at such speeds. 

What does the future hold for EV charging?

Technology is improving all the time, in both chargers and electric cars. For instance, the Porsche Taycan is the fastest-charging car on the market, able to do speeds up to 270kW. As more cars offer rapid-charging capabilities and brands build chargers to facilitate these speeds, you can look forward to even fast charging in the future. 

Summary: the fastest EV charger

There are some excellent charging options on the market if you want to give your EV some serious juice at home. And with 7kW, you can get a full charge in just under eight hours while tracing the performance on a handy app on your smartphone. Be sure to hire a professional to install your new EV charger. You can get quotes from local qualified EV installers on Rezigo.