How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost? | 2023

Underfloor heating has taken over as one of the most popular ways of heating a home which not only is super efficient, but also adds a real sense of luxury – nothing beats taking your shoes off after a long day and instantly feeling warmth! 

While radiators work to heat the air around you, underfloor heating radiates heat to every space of the home and can be fitted under all types of flooring, from wood to stone.

However, this heating system is a little more complex to install than traditional radiators which means there will be some heavier costs associated. 

Let’s have a look at what these costs look like and which factors determine the overall price… 

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost?

There’s two types of underfloor heating systems you’ll come across – wet underfloor systems and electric underfloor systems. The main difference is that electric systems use electric heating wires to connect to the mains supply, and wet systems use heating pipes to pump water through underfloor circuits. 

Wet underfloor heating system can be anywhere between £100 - £180 per m2 to install and this is based on whether it’s a new build or a house extension as renovations usually cost more. 

Electric underfloor heating costs anywhere between £50 - £85 per m2. This means for a 10m2 area, you can expect an average price of £800. 

For water underfloor heating, an estimated average cost is around £1,200 for 10m2. 

Factors Affecting Underfloor Heating Costs

The Technology 

As we mentioned above, there’s a difference in the technology you can choose to install. Wet underfloor heating is more costly to install but it’s much more effective in the long run. 

This is because the water pipes are evenly distributed through the different rooms so even at a lower temperature, a fair amount of warmth can be felt. This makes it a far more economical route when choosing the type of technology to use. 

Electric underfloor heating is a lot cheaper to install but expensive to maintain in the long run because electricity costs more than natural gas. 

The Cost by Room

In short, the bigger the room the more costly it is to install an underfloor heating system. A small bathroom (around 6m2) would cost around £450 for an electric underfloor heating and around £650 for wet underfloor heating. Whereas a medium sized bedroom (around 11m2) would cost you an estimate of £800 for and around £1500 for a water pipe heating system. 

Age of the Property 

Depending on how old the property is, the installation of an underfloor heating system could cost significantly more. 

If your property is quite an old build, it will take an increased amount of work to remove the flooring and refit it with the systems correctly in place. In this case, we’d recommend installing electric underfloor heating in older buildings as it's much quicker to install than the water pipes. 

Labour Costs

For a qualified tradesperson to come in and install the heating system in your home, you can expect to pay around £200 - £300 per day. 

You’ll want to use a fully vetted installer who has worked with floor heating before because of the complexities of the job. This will also protect you against any damages, especially ones that are prone with water pipe heating systems. 

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Summary: Underfloor Heating Costs 

To summarise, there’s a ton of benefits to installing an underfloor heating system, including reducing cold spots around the house and being more energy-efficient. However, you’ll want to be sure of the factors affecting the cost to ensure you get the best price for your installation. 

While electric systems are cheaper to install, they can be more expensive to run than wet heating systems. The only downfall of wet heating systems is the slightly more complex installation process but you’ll be saving yourself more money and energy in the future. 

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