How to deal with stress when moving home

Getting ready for a big move and finding things a bit, well, tough? Follow our advice for a move that’s more joyful than stressful…

Moving home & mental health

Did you know, studies have shown that moving is up there with relationship breakdowns and the loss of a loved one in terms of stressful life events?

And when you think about it, it’s not surprising. After all, moving home is a complete life change – a new routine, a transition, a logistical challenge, to say the least. This is especially true if you’re moving to a completely new area or country, with new faces and places to get to know and all the organisation needed to set things in motion. For families, there’s also the worry of moving little ones, and the strain and impact it’ll have on them.

It’s a lot.

The good news? It’s entirely normal to feel stressed and anxious when moving home. What’s important is to make things as easy on yourself as possible by taking the right steps (this article will help). Plus, focusing on the bigger picture – why you made this change in this first place, and all the positives that will come out of it.

Our top tips for reducing stress when moving home

Plan ahead

The key to a stress-free move is good planning and organisation. Think of your move as a project, which needs a good project plan in order to be successful. You’ll want to clear your schedule as much as you can in the run-up to the move, so think about when you might need to take time off work, for example, or make apologies for events that are already in the diary.

Next, work backwards from the big day, jotting down the tasks needed each week in the lead up to it – whether it’s organising utilities, saying farewell to the local corner shop staff, or registering with a new vet or GP. Get it all down and your to-dos will feel a lot more manageable.

Book a reliable removals firm

A dependable removals company can make moving day enjoyable, as opposed to chaotic. No, really! They can often help with packing materials and storage, too. Choose wisely and schedule your movers as early as you possibly can.

Get help from other service providers

It’s not just removals and storage firms that’ll make moving less stressful. If you’ve got the budget, there are lots of helpers out there who can take some of the load off and save you a task or two. How about getting in a cleaner, to save you all that scrubbing on moving day? Or organising a locksmith for peace of mind once you get the keys? Rezigo can help. Click here to learn more and make a booking.

Be savvy about packing

Decluttering upfront, knowing what to pack when, making a super-slick packing inventory – it’s all helpful. Stay tuned for our ultimate packing guide, coming very soon!

Make arrangements for pets & children

As much as we love them, moving is a lot easier without the pitter-patter of tiny feet or paws. It’s a good idea to rely on babysitters and petsitters on the day itself, leaving you to crack on with the travelling and unpacking. That way, you can get things sorted at the new place and your babies (both fur and regular!) will have a more familiar, soothing environment to arrive to.

Get your moving day essentials kit ready

A bit like the hospital bag you’d pack before welcoming a new baby, a moving day essentials kit contains all the must-have items you wouldn’t want buried among 100 other boxes on a removals truck, and it’ll make moving day run more seamlessly. Think coffee and milk, the baby's favourite toy, and important items such as passports and birth certificates!

Lastly, breathe!

As stressful as things can seem, there’s a bigger picture to think about, as we mentioned. This is your fresh start, a brand-new chapter and the beginning of a whole new set of memories. It’s exciting! So smile among the chaos, go slowly, and before you know it you’ll be completely settled in your new home.

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