5 Ways to Get Customers to Leave a Review for your Trade Business


If you weren’t already aware, your Rezigo profile page lists client reviews from previous jobs, and we encourage all our customers to write one once a trader’s completed a job. But why are reviews so important, and how can they boost your business and reputation? We explain all…

Why are customer reviews so important?

These days, people rarely make a purchasing decision without reading reviews about the service or product they’re spending their hard-earned cash on. From small purchases like make-up and audio books, right through to bigger ones, such as cars and holidays.

And when it comes to service providers, reviews are even more important. After all, you’re talking about letting someone into your home. So, it makes sense that these types of customers would be more discerning than most.

The benefits of customer reviews

Reviews have the power to…

  • Make you more visible (via search engines like Google)
  • Build your business reputation
  • Help potential leads see you as trustworthy
  • Win you more work
  • Help you make improvements

In other words, you should be trying to get as many positive reviews as you can! Let’s look at how…

How to encourage a positive customer review

1. Communicate well

On some jobs, you might need to exchange several messages with the customer, so that both sides can fully understand what’s needed. Remember, this may not be face to face, but you’re still making an impression. Keep things friendly and polite, offer up helpful info, and respond in a timely manner.

2. Be on time

It might sound like an obvious one, but never underestimate the importance of being punctual to a job. Of course, sometimes being late is unavoidable, but do try and leave plenty of time to allow for traffic, and always check the route out in advance. If you are going to be late, always let the customer know ahead of time, if possible.

3. Do great work!

A very happy customer is a lot more likely to leave a review than a customer who’s just vaguely satisfied. In other words, go above and beyond when you’re attending the job itself. That means keeping the area you’re working in as neat and tidy as possible, updating the customer on your progress where appropriate, and talking them through what you’ll be doing in advance. And, of course, being polite and professional is a given!

4. Take photos

We’d recommend taking before and after snaps of the job. For your own portfolio, of course, but also because it shows you take pride in your work. Just be sure to ask for permission first!

5. Give aftercare advice

Getting the job done is all well and good, but don’t forget to give the customer any follow-up advice for after you leave, if applicable. Make it clear they’re welcome to get in touch with any questions that crop up later on, as well.

How to ask for a review – our top tips

  • Time it right – you don’t want to ask for a review until after the work’s been carried out, not on arrival or halfway through.
  • Seize the opportunity – if a customer’s giving you a compliment when you’ve finished, follow up a thank you with a review request.
  • Be polite, not pushy – don’t overstep the mark, keep it brief and light, putting no pressure on.

What to do if a customer doesn’t leave a review

Again, you don’t want to seem pushy, but there’s no harm in thanking the customer for the work, and prompting them for feedback a little while after the job’s been carried out. Thankfully, we do this for you! We send an email to the customer once the job date has passed, politely asking for a review and star rating.