How to Take Decent Photos for your Trade Portfolio

You might have a friendly, professional manner and offer brilliant value for money, but if you’re not showcasing quality work then you just might lose out on bookings. Not got a clue where to start when it comes to capturing images of your 9 to 5? We’ve put together some top tips for taking decent shots for your trade portfolio…

Take comparison shots

Everyone loves a before and after, and it’s the best way to showcase your handywork. Whether it’s a sparkling kitchen post-deep clean, or a perfectly assembled wardrobe, you want to show off the massive difference you’ve made for maximum benefit.

Keep things neat & tidy

Taking impressive before and after shots is all well and good, but don’t make the mistake of thinking your work will take center-stage if the surroundings are looking scruffy. Be sure to clear the likes of dustsheets, paint pots, and tools from the shot. And don’t be afraid to pretty the area up even more – maybe move a plant into the frame, or a lovely piece of furniture. Anything that’ll make the photo all that more striking.

Be mindful of lighting

It might sound obvious, but good lighting is crucial when it comes to taking trade portfolio snaps. Indoors, you’ll want to seek out natural light as opposed to artificial, so look to get to it near a window or skylight. If it’s an outdoor job, it’s actually recommended to take photos in cloudy bright light if you’ve got a subject in it, as lashings of sunshine can cause shadows. If the latter is the case, use trees or bushes to create darker pockets.

Make a cameo

Don’t be afraid of switching from behind the lens to the front of it. Stand proudly next to, in front of, or among the work you’ve done, or get a few action shots of you mid-flow, while you’re hard at work. Putting a face to the business is always helpful for the customer.

Embrace apps

There are some incredible photo apps out there these days, and taking decent images with a mobile phone is a doddle if you know what you’re doing and you’re in the loop with app functionalities. A few of our favourites are ProCamera, Camera + 2, and VSCO Camera.

Hire a professional

Sure, it’s a lot pricier than snapping portfolio shots yourself, but as a one-off for big jobs that you really want to do justice, it’s a good way to go. Invest in a professional photographer and make sure you get value for money when it comes to the number of shots.